Sprinkle was originally conceived in 2007 as a collection of student works from the McGill Sexual Diversity Studies department. We hope to widen this scope a bit, but continue to produce a queer-positive, critical journal that seeks to challenge the normative experiences that are often privileged within our society. In this vein, we hope to draw attention to queer history and experience as well as other issues of gender and sexuality, subjects not often addressed within classroom curricula. This journal hopes to draw from and appeal to a wide audience, and people of numerous identities and backgrounds. Sprinkle aims to lend legitimacy to the thoughts and experiences of young people, and produce an engaging publication.

Table of Contents Vol. 5

  • Editorial: “Not Your Average Cupcake”
    Jerusha Beebe & Gabrielle Koizumi
  • Editorial: Sprinkle Evolution: New Look, New Name, New Home
    Elizabeth J. Meyer

“Your Lifestyle is Disgraceful”: The Silence and Exclusion of LGBT Identified People

  • No More No Promo Homo Laws
    Devon Fernandez
  • Off the GRID: Examining the Ban on Gay Blood in the United States
    Conner J. McMains

Breaching the Wall: Fighting Barriers to End Sexual Violence

  • Rape: A Need for Clarity
    Jerusha Beebe
  • Sexual Assault Reporting in College
    Nicole Glass
  • Rape and Rape Culture on College Campuses
    Jillian Ray

The Gender Current: Media’s Influence on Gender in America

  • Class, Gender, Race, and School Shootings: An Intersectionality Study
    Tara Rajan
  • Eating Disorders: Who Should be Held Responsible?
    Lindsay Barone

Bodily Autonomy: Women’s Fight for Control of Their Bodies

  • Emergency Contraception: Whose Decision is it Anyway?
    Sophie Worthington
  • “It’s a TRAP!”: The Erosion of Roe v. Wade through Clinic Regulation
    Beth Luttrell
  • Abortion: Past and Present The Laws and Policies Limiting Women’s Rights
    Krista LePiane
  • Shackled to Patriarchy
    Gabrielle Koizumi
  • From Education to Employment: Factors Influencing Breastfeeding Rates in the U.S.
    Bridge McKye
  • Acknowledgements

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